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Food Fit For A King

In the next few days, the conditions will be perfect for the harvesting of the finest caviar. The best possible servings of the food of kings will be gathered, and dispatched. But which lucky lords and ladies will be dining on this finest fare?

It is known which settlements have put in their orders. Now petitions are to be heard by the merchants behind the gathering as to how many batches should be dispatched to each settlements. No doubt there will then be plenty of military minded monarchs who are willing to sacrifice the lives of peasant soldiers to intercept this precious cargo…

Final Scores

  • 17 points: Worlds End
  • 13 points: Eagles Eyrie
  • 12 points: Lords of Frost
  • 9 points: Valar
  • 8 points: The Old Republic
  • 5 points: Insanity Inc
  • 3 points: ResistanceisFeasible
  • 1 point: Indomiti, The Nightbringers
  • 0 points: Absabroke, Celtic Knights, Skorn

(1 point for safely receiving a caravan. 3 points for intercepting a caravan.)

Target Towns

The target towns are:

Alfarheim, defended by Insanity Inc

Carthage, defended by the Celtic Knights

Castle Hugie, defended by Absabroke

Cordova, defended by Indomiti

Dornenwald, defended by The Old Republic

Echoes-of-Lost-Voices, defended by the Lords of Frost

1. Ivey, defended by Worlds End

Lilooet, defended by ResistanceisFeasible

Maetho Caras, defended by Eagles Eyrie

Merkwood, defended by Skorn

Tree, defended by Valar

4. York, defended by The Nightbringers


ALL caravans have now been dispatched by Boukris, and have reached their targets. The tourney is complete. A round of applause is in order for all who schemed and fought!


The rules will be as A Flurry of Caravans. Clarifications on these rules:

  • Clearly the intention is that people will Blockade the target towns. Obviously, therefore, you may Blockade these towns and Occupy the spaces adjacent to them; equally obviously, you can attack the Blockades and Occupying camps. (To be clear, attacks on these Blockades can come from the Blockaded town, or any other participating player.)
  • Diplomatic missions to the Blockades and Occupying camps are also fine.
  • Scout and Spy mission to the target cities themselves are fine. Assassins, Thieves and Sab are not fine – Scouts and spies only.
  • (So to clarify – as someone asked: Assassins versus camps is fine; Assassins versus cities, not!)
  • Sieges, Attacks and Raids on the target towns, or any other towns in the Alliances, are right out, and the targets will doubtless consider them hostile acts.
  • Please Cancel Confederations and NAPs between yourselves and any other participating Alliances, for the duration of the challenge.

  1. Dandroid permalink

    Good luck to all but in the end Skorn will be the supirior General of Skorn Dandroid

  2. Shanks(RMY) permalink

    would help if could add Region to the the list below..
    cheers.. Shanks.

  3. Shanks(RMY) permalink

    er above.. lol

  4. Eréc permalink

    hmm I had misread the rules (they weren’t really well detailed IMHO) and thought we would have to try to make sure the vans would get to the 3 nominated towns. Silly me… oh well, hopefully there will be other runs of this.
    Congrats to the winners and everyone for participating!

  5. Norman Chadgod permalink

    Just wanted to thank you for running this tourney. I had a lot of fun and hopefully WE can hold on for the win!

  6. Turgor permalink

    Grats to Chadgod.. EE had a lot of fun/pain running up against you..

    Next time maybe clarify that increasing incoming van speed is not allowed?

  7. Norman Chadgod permalink

    Thanks, you guys sent the most armies. It was a struggle keeping up with everyone!

    I don’t know if you’re just suggesting the van speed rule for next mini (I agree and the lack of set rules would be my only complaint about this tourney) or what, but I definitely didn’t speed up either of the 2 vans that came to Ivey 🙂

  8. Turgor permalink

    Yeah was good fun 🙂 Was a struggle to keep them all on track 🙂

    I was suggesting it for the next mini tourney if there is one.. the rules were a bit fast n loose I agree..

    And no- was not suggesting you had 😉

  9. Sir Bradly permalink

    Really enjoyed the tournament. Thank you to all involved in organizing this. Time to increase my military sov and rebuild…

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