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BSH War Games

BSH would like to conduct friendly siege war games with other alliance. If more alliances are interested we could make 2 alliance groups of similar size.
Here is proposal of the war game rules:
  • each alliance may send siege without siege machines targeting any “enemy” alliance town.
  • The fastest unit in “siege” army is 7.5 including commander bonus (no cavalry only siege armies…)
  • thieving, sabotaging  and direct attacks on towns are not allowed
  • scouting, assassinating and spying is allowed
  • Faints, fake sieges, multiple alliance coordinated sieges, disinformation, bluffing… are all allowed
  • 12h after siege camp lands points are given for each hour siege camp remains:
  • 1 point per hour  for towns sized 0-3K
  • 2 points per hour for towns sized 3K-8K
  • 3 points per hour for towns sized 8K-15K
  • 4 points per hour for towns sized 15K-25K
  • 5 points per hour for towns sized 25K – infinity
  • If town is sieged for 3 days (12h+72h) that town is considered destroyed. 50 points are given for destruction of a town to the “destroyer”. All remaining army and diplo units in that town are not allowed to participate in war games anymore. Participants of war games are expected to honor this, since there is really no effective way of checking this agreement…
  • If town A is sieging town B and town A is “destroyed”. Siege on town B immediately ends. Town A is expected to send messenger to retrieve the sieging army…
  • Alliance that gathers most points after (period of war games needs to be discussed) is proclaimed a winner.
  • In case of equal amount of points war games are extended for 1 day.
  • each participating alliance contributes certain amount of gold before war games start. Winner gets the gold after the end. (There is also possibility of creating some sort of medals).

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  1. “BSH War Games Illyriad Olympics” genuinely got me
    hooked on your web-site! I actuallywill wind up being back a lot more frequently.
    Thanks ,Kirk

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