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Result: Christmas Challenge, 2011

February 21, 2012

A tournament between 5 alliances.

Final scores, after 4 weeks:
– – –
Crows Nest: 15
Persona Armoniosa: 7
Eagles Eyrie: 7
Lords of Frost: 6
Black Skull Horde: 3
– – –
Individual Captures:
– – –
Kurdruk [Frost]: 5
Badmuts [EE]: 4
Cookieman [nCrow]: 4
Venita [PA]: 4
Bonaparta [BSH]: 3
(EOM) Harry [nCrow]: 3
Firess [EE]: 2
Narol [nCrow]: 2
Rill [nCrow]: 3
Shamarra [PA]: 2
Vagabond [nCrow]: 2
SonOfCharlie [nCrow]: 1
Spira Colosis [PA]: 1
Revenent [Frost]: 1
Vibs [EE]: 1
– – –
Special congratulations to…
Vagabond [nCrow], for 2 captures at population 1,795
Narol [nCrow], for 2 captures at population 2,182
Badmuts, joint second with 4 captures, at population 4,077
… for demonstrating that intelligence and dedication can out-play bigger players.
– – –
This winter, as boys and girls around Illyria await their seasonal gifts, there is only one present that everyone wants.
For Illyria’s most revered author, J K K Tolkring, has again penned a wonderful tale to delight young and old. In the latest installment of Tolkring’s highly original story, a small group of diminutive innocents discover a world beyond their narrow horizons, a wold of wonder, where good and evil clash in a great conflict; thrust in to the midst of this conflict, our diminutive innocents must transport the Horcruxring through hostile territory, dodging Rideaters and Snatchorcs, while the mighty Horcruxring tries to twist their minds. But will they destroy the Horcruxring to break the power of the ancient reborn dark villain? Find out, in this thrilling book!
But oh dear! In Illyria, there are no printing presses. Books must be copied by hand, slowly, oh so slowly. And so very, very few of Illyria’s children will receive a copy of the book! So few will be copied in time for the winter festival, that most of the children will be disappointed! Such literary wonders are prizes to be fought over. There are those who will kill to get a copy!

Who will seize the rare copies of these prized books before the winter festival?
After a hard week transcribing the texts, the precious manuscripts will be sent by courier on the dates of
  • Saturday 26th November
  • Saturday 3rd December
  • Saturday 10th December
  • Saturday 17th December
These will depart from the island of Sphettos in the far south (a rare place – a town with a lvl 20 Market but no research to avoid blockades, so that caravans should travel swiftly but be easy to capture.)
These will be sent to the following locations. All are inactive settlements, as far as can be discerned. If any turn out to be active, or are deleted by the GMs, alternatives will immediately be announced. One book is sent to each location each week. The objective is to capture as many books as possible. For full rules, see here.
North West:
   Frangor, Norweld, -254/296 (replacement for Idafeld, deleted, was at -347/404)
   New, Kal Tirikan, -411/884
   Jay Fortress, Keppen, -360/131
Central North:
   Inverness, Wolgast, 33/736
   Bakedanton, Norweld, 22/280
North East:
   ajay, Lucerna, 362/133 (replacement for Stonestonia and Clavicus’s Capital, both deleted)
   Rainman’s Lot, Ragallon, 355/383
   Praesidium Iulium, Taomist, 777/445
   Darwinia, Arran, 79/-519
   Ixenland, Perrigor, 227/-307
   Edoras, Lan Larosh, -566/-611
   Shadowmoon, Lucerna, 377/-43



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