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A Flurry of Caravans

January 29, 2012

A game of tactical blockading for a large number of Alliances.

  • Each Alliance nominates one of its own settlements as a Target. They have 7 days to nominate a Target.
  • When all Alliances have nominated their Target settlements, that list is circulated to those competing.
  • Each competing Alliance has 7 days to nominate any 3 Targets to receive a shipment. (They must nominate 3 different Targets. They may nominate their own Settlement as a Target.)
  • 3-5 days later, an independent (uninvolved) player, with a no Blockade-beating technologies researched, sends out shipments as stipulated.
  • All Alliances attempt to ensure that shipments to their own Target get through, while capturing as many as possible of the shipments to other Targets.

Scoring is handled on the basis of:

  • Each shipment intercepted by your Alliance: 3 points
  • Each shipment which gets through to your alliance’s Target settlement: 1 point

There should be several factors in play here. Alliances will want to be able to defend their chosen (Target) settlement, and so will want to pick somewhere where they can break Blockades easily; however, if they pick incredibly easy to defend settlements, then no-one will nominate to send shipments to them. Alliances will then know where 3 shipments are going, but no more than that, so they have only very partial information. They then have to balance their attempts to Blockade others’ Targets with the need to defend their own.

This was designed for 5 Alliances. It would work with more, although it may be worth increasing the number of shipments nominated per Alliance if there are many more. NAPs and Confeds would have to be suspended between competing Alliances for the duration.


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  1. Wonderful! (^_^) Come on peoples – sign up!

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