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Result: Lorre’s Cities Challenge

December 11, 2011

Seven cities up for grabs. Who seized the prizes?

  1. Oma Desala (15,805), Keppen. Taken by Fluffy (Snugglers Crowlition). Honorable efforts by Murder of Crows and The Nightbringers.
  2. Voliarum (14,487), Arran.  – – – razed – – –  Honorable efforts by Dwarven In-Laws, the Dwarven Lords, Eagles’ Eyrie, Indomiti, the Nightbringers and  Worlds End.
  3. Aluria (11,304), Tularia. Taken by KeiM (Dwarven Lords).
  4. Molarion (11,050), Meilla. – – – razed – – – Honorable efforts by Calaquendi Crow, Eagles’ Eyrie, Eternal Champions and Juke Box Hero.
  5. Victory Bay (9,474), Mal Motsha. Taken by Calico Jack (Black Skull Horde). Honorable efforts by Calaquendi Crow, Cave of Knowledge, The Colony and Skull’s Training Pit.
  6. Dearyth (2,653), Wolgast. – – – razed – – – Honorable efforts by Absabroke, The Crows, Eagles’ Eyrie and the Lords of Frost.
  7. Oreshka (196), Middle Kingdom. Taken by Norman the Black (Worlds End). Honorable efforts by Calaquendi Crow.

This is a log of the results of the challenge issued by SunStorm and Lorre on the Illyriad Forum, to seize Lorre’s cities. Cities above are listed in size order (population given is at the start of the contest). The town names link through to the settlements’ locations – or former locations – on the map of Illyria. “Honorable efforts” list the Alliances involved in fighting over each settlement.

Congratulations to Calico Jack, Fluffy, KeiM and Norman the Black. A round of applause for all of the Alliances who took this challenge in the spirit in which it was intended. And much kudos to SunStorm and Lorre.


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