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Result: Frost v BSHx, October-November 2011

November 24, 2011

Skull’s Training Camp

  • Krolm: 899 troops killed, 998 lost. Score by Experience: 2394-1685 = 2394, 1.420
  • Bonaparta: 527 troops killed, 705 lost. Score by Experience: 1538-825 = 1538, 1.86
  • Mechaloth: 31 troops killed, 26 lost. Score by Experience: 93-38 = 93, 2.45

Lords of Frost

  • frewold: 608 troops killed, 446 lost. Score by Experience: 742-1313 = 742, 0.570
  • Revenent: 161 troops killed, 203 lost. Score by Experience: 316-711 = 316, 0.440
  • Eldron Malkin: 307 troops killed, 117 lost. Score by Experience: 309-234 = 309, 1.321
  • d_b: 46 troops killed, 14 lost. Score by Experience: 49-42 = 49, 1.167
  • (Kurdruk not scored)

Highlights: Krolm’s pack of Scrawny Wolves, who took some Elven archers down a peg or four to earn the best defensive kill:loss ratio of the leg (though they sadly perished); Bonaparta’s heroic Kobold commander, repulsed an Elven assault to remain standing with only 4 Hit Points remaining… only to be killed half an hour later.

Skull’s Training Pit versus the Lords of Frost.

Started 00:00:01 server time, Monday 24th October 2011 (Skull’s Traing Camp started to march).

First blood Friday 28th October.

First leg ended 23:59:59 server time, Monday 1st November 2011 (no further scores from combat in Frost territory).

Second leg started 00:00:01, Tuesday 2nd November 2011 (Lords of Frost start to march)

Ended 23:59:59 server time, Wednesday 9th November 2011 (final scores tallied)

Game type: Clear the Camps.

  • Skull’s Training Pit [BSHx] to Attack (Team A) in first leg; Defend in second leg.
  • Lords of Frost [Frost] to Defend (Team B) in first leg; Attack in second leg.

Combat area: first leg, squares adjacent to any Lords of Frost settlement within 100 of 0/800; second leg, squares adjacent to any Skull’s Training Pit settlement in Mal Motsha.


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