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November 13, 2011

A game of competitive Blockading for several teams.

  • One neutral party send out a number of caravans once per week. Each caravan contains one book, and should be sent from a city that has not researched any blockade-beating technologies, so that these can be easily intercepted.
  • The books always go to the same target settlements. The target settlements are stipulated at the outset, and do not change. The number of target settlements should be more than double the number of teams competing.
  • Rival teams should not have NAPs or Confederations with one and other.

Teams attempt to Blockade the target cities, in order to capture the books.

Detailed rules:

  • Teams score one point per book captured.
  • The aim for the largest team (by population) is to have the greatest number of points. The aim for other teams is to outscore as many teams as possible above them in the competition. (In other words: if you’re the smallest team in the competition, don’t expect to be able to get the greatest number of points, but do take pride in out-performing any other larger team.)
  • Blockading the neutral city from which the books are sent is not permitted.
  • Attacking the Blockade camps of other teams, and any other camps they set up adjacent to the target settlements, is very much encouraged. Other hostile actions between the teams are forbidden.
  • Un-involved alliances should not be encouraged or enticed to interfere, since any attacks by them would constitute hostile actions not justified by the terms of this challenge.
  • The challenge should run for a pre-defined term, with the books being sent out at defined intervals. E.g. the books might be sent out of 4 successive Saturdays.

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